Welcome to The Dental Phobia Centre

In association with The Dental Health Centre

Do you want to break free from your dental phobia?

Welcome to The Dental Phobia Centre, Didsbury, Manchester. We operate as part of the Dental Health Centre.

If you are frightened of the dentist, then we are here to help. The Dental Phobia Centre is here to help you get over your fears.

Fear of the dentist is very common, if you do have a dental phobia of any sort, we are here to help.

Fear of the dentist can be caused by many things, and whatever your reasons are, they are important to us.

We want to help you break free from your dental fear and be able to have regular care without the anxiety, worry or fright which has stopped you.

You may not have seen a dentist for a while but don't worry, we are not here to judge you but to help get your teeth healthy and to feel confident about visiting us regularly.

Call us via The Dental Health Centre on 0161 445 54 59

Email us at contact@thedentalphobiacentre.com

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